Dentures Services

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Dentures are a type of dental restoration that can be used to replace most or all of the teeth on an arch. Some options include traditional full dentures, which replace a complete arch of missing teeth, partial dentures that only replace some of the teeth on an arch, and implant-supported dentures that are held in place with dental implants.

Many patients worry their dentures won’t look natural or that people will notice they’re wearing them, but today’s dentures are made with advanced materials and are more natural-looking than ever before. No one will suspect that your dentures aren’t your own teeth when they’re designed by a skilled dentist.

Types Of Dentures

We offer the following types of dentures at our Coral Springs dental practice:

Traditional Partial Dentures for Patients Missing Multiple Teeth on One Arch

Traditional Partial Dentures for Patients Missing Multiple Teeth on One Arch

This solution is removable like a full denture, but since it doesn’t replace all of the teeth on an arch, the acrylic base is attached to the natural teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile, giving a partial denture more stability.

Traditional Full Dentures for Edentulous Patients

Traditional Full Dentures for Edentulous Patients

This is the type of restoration most people picture when they hear the word dentures. A traditional full denture is used to restore an entire arch of missing teeth. Dentures have a custom-made acrylic base that mimics natural gum tissue and rests over your gums. Denture adhesive is often used to keep this base in place. Permanent complete dentures are only fitted once any remaining teeth have been removed and your gum tissue has healed to ensure a proper fit that is stable and comfortable.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures may be complete or partial, fixed or removable (also known as snap-on dentures or snap-in dentures). If you’re a candidate for dental implant surgery, this is an excellent option to consider because it prevents bone loss in the jaw, which is common after tooth loss.

FAQ About Dentures

Although it is possible to get dentures the same day your teeth are removed, the denture you receive is only a temporary restoration. Once your jaw and gums have fully healed, we can design and fit your permanent dentures.

The majority of dentists now believe that implant-supported dentures are the best possible option for most patients. You’ll have a better bite, a more stable restoration, and you’ll avoid facial collapse and the prematurely-aged appearance it causes by preserving the bone density in your jaw.

Yes, a fixed implant-supported denture is a great choice if you don’t want to remove your denture at the end of the day. Only a dentist can remove these restorations.

There are a variety of choices that are designed to closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth, but choosing a skilled dentist like those at Dental Wellness Team is critical for dentures that look natural. We take the time to make a custom denture that is in balance with the rest of your facial features and any remaining teeth.