General Dentistry In Coral Springs, FL

General Dentistry Services

At Dental Wellness Team, we offer a full range of general dentistry services to help our patients maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Come see why we're the top rated dentist in Coral Springs

Treatment room of Dental Wellness Team where patients can expect to receive comprehensive general dentistry services in Coral Springs FL.

Athletic Mouth Guards

Wearing a custom fitted mouth guard is important for both adults and children who are involved in sports. A high-quality mouth guard protects the teeth from injury and also reduces the risk of concussion.

TMJ Disorder Treatment

TMJ disorder causes jaw pain, headaches, facial soreness, and many other symptoms. Dr. Pinero provides TMJ treatment that prevents jaw clenching and teeth grinding, protecting your teeth from damage and wear and reducing the muscle tension that causes TMJ pain.

Tooth Extractions

Extraction is our last treatment option, used only when a tooth cannot be saved with restorative dental treatments. Badly infected teeth impact the health of adjacent teeth, so removing them results in improved oral health.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

We recommend removing wisdom teeth when patients are in their late teens or early 20s, as surgery is less complicated and painful when wisdom teeth are still immature. Even if the wisdom teeth have not started to emerge from the gums, we can use x-ray imaging to locate them and determine whether they should be removed.

Protective Dental Sealants

This inexpensive treatment seals deep grooves in the molars that are vulnerable to tooth decay. Dental sealants are an effective way to guard against cavities by forming a “shield” over the enamel to keep out bacteria and acid. If you have a child over the age of 5, be sure to ask about our pediatric dental sealants at their next visit.

Fluoride Applications

The application of fluoride can help remineralize weak areas of enamel, preventing cavity-causing bacteria from infiltrating the tooth.

Desensitizing Treatments

If your teeth are sensitive to cold or heat, ask Dr. Pinero if a desensitizing treatment is the right solution for your smile. We use a special paste that works immediately to reduce tooth sensitivity.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Dental prophylaxis is a cleaning procedure that removes plaque and tartar from the teeth. Not only does it prevent cavities from forming, it also plays an important role in preventing and reversing gingivitis and periodontal disease. Dr. Pinero recommends that most patients receive a teeth cleaning procedure twice a year, while patients with periodontitis should receive them more frequently.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is increasingly common and using tobacco isn’t the only risk factor. That’s why we provide oral cancer assessments to all of our patients over the age of 18 during dental checkup appointments.

Digital X-Rays

Woman receiving digital panoramic x-rays from the list of general dentistry services at Dental Wellness Team in Coral Springs FL.Our practice uses digital x-ray technology to generate detailed computer images of our patients’ teeth, gums, and jawbones. Digital x-ray technology lets us view imaging immediately and uses less radiation than traditional dental x-rays.

Digital 3D X-Rays

3D x-ray imaging provides us with accurate three-dimensional replicas of your oral anatomy. These are useful when planning for dental implants, root canals, or wisdom teeth extractions.

Are you or your family members overdue for a preventive dental exam and teeth cleaning? Call our Coral Springs dental practice today to schedule your general dentistry appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About General Dentistry

Is dental cleaning painful?

It’s not uncommon for patients who haven’t seen a dentist in a while to worry about their dental cleaning being painful. If this is a concern, please let us know. We are always gentle with all of our patients during dental cleanings, but if you’re nervous, it helps us to know that in advance. We use a device that uses water and sonic vibration to loosen plaque and tartar from the surfaces of the teeth, so modern dental cleanings involve much less scraping than they used to, which means they’re much more comfortable!

What happens if you haven’t been to a dentist in years?

First, we want you to know that we are a judgment-free office. If you haven’t seen the dentist in years, we’re happy that you’re taking the steps to get the dental care you need. During your appointment, we will clean your teeth and perform an oral exam. We will also take x-rays to find cavities and identify other areas of concern.

Can you remove tartar yourself?

You can remove plaque yourself by brushing and flossing, but once plaque hardens into tartar, it can only be removed with a professional dental cleaning.

Do dental sealants wear off?

Yes, dental sealants do wear off, but they usually last about five years. During your dental checkups, we will examine your sealants to make sure they’re still intact; if not, we can provide touch-ups.