Dental Crown Services In Coral Springs, FL

The talented dentists at Dental Wellness Team are here to provide you with the best dental crowns in Coral Springs, FL. Our office is equipped with advanced technology that allows us to craft your crown in-house - no third party lab, temporary crown, or followup appointment required!

Same-Day CEREC Crown Services In Coral Springs, FL

Our top dentists craft same-day dental crowns using advanced CEREC technology. These customized restorations are designed and created right here at Coral Springs dental office. This means that you can walk out of your appointment with a permanent dental crown that is optimized to fit your unique mouth and gum line!

Same day crowns are made using our high-tech CEREC machine and can be used as tooth caps during the following procedures:

  • Dental Implant Surgery
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Dental Bridge Placement
  • Large Filling Procedure

What Is A Tooth Crown?

A tooth crown functions as a tooth cap and is designed to keep the natural tooth (or dental implant) and gum line safe from dangerous bacteria. Typically, tooth crowns are made of luminous porcelain that look just the same - or even better than! - your natural teeth.

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

Depending on the adjoining dental procedure, dental crown cost can vary from patient to patient.

Our Coral Springs dental office accepts a wide range of insurance plans in order to make your dental crowns cost as manageable as possible. We also accept 0% payment plans via third-party lender CareCredit® that can be used alone or in conjunction with your dental insurance.

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