Sedation Dentistry In Coral Springs, FL

Sedation Dentistry: Relieve Dental Anxiety

At Dental Wellness Team in Coral Springs, we are committed to making sure our patients are comfortable during our procedures by offering a variety of sedation dentistry options. Our priority is to provide the best dental care in a comfortable environment using the latest dental techniques and technologies for your peace of mind.

Woman sleeping in recovery room after using sedation dentistry for her dental procedure at Dental Wellness Team in Coral Springs FL.

Conscious Oral Sedation

Dr. Pinero may recommend conscious oral sedation if you suffer from dental phobia or anxiety. This involves taking anti-anxiety medication prior to your procedure to help you feel calm and relaxed. With oral sedation, you will not be able to drive before or after your appointment, so you will need to arrange for someone to drive you to and from our office.

Laughing Gas

Many patients avoid visiting the dentist for exams, cleanings, and other dental work because of dental anxiety. If dental appointments make you nervous, ask about the possibility of using laughing gas to help you feel relaxed during your procedure.

At Dental Wellness Team, laughing gas is administered using a mask that fits onto the nose, allowing you to feel more at ease almost immediately. Most patients are candidates for this form of sedation and it can be ideal for children over the age of 5 who are nervous about visiting the dentist.

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from receiving the dental care you and your family need. Call Dental Wellness Team to schedule your sedation dentistry appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sedation Dentistry

How long does dental sedation take to wear off?

Dental sedation wears off quickly compared to general anesthesia. The effects of laughing gas subside within minutes of removing the mask. Conscious oral sedation lasts longer, depending on the medication being used, but the effects rarely last more than a few hours.

How dangerous is sedation dentistry?

The types of dental sedation we’ve chosen to offer at Dental Wellness Team are extremely safe, with no serious risks involved. Other forms of sedation, like intravenous or “twilight” sedation, present more of a risk because patients may lose consciousness and have trouble breathing properly. You’ll be fully conscious with oral sedation or nitrous oxide.

Will I feel any pain with dental sedation?

Dental sedation helps you feel calm and relaxed during your dental procedure, but it doesn’t prevent you from feeling pain. For this reason, we pair dental sedation with topical or injected anesthetic to numb the area where we’re working.

What are the side effects of nitrous oxide?

Side effects of nitrous oxide are mild and temporary. You may feel dizzy, lightheaded, and experience a heavy sensation in your arms and legs. Some patients sweat, shiver, or feel nauseated, but this is rare.

What does oral sedation feel like?

You will feel calm and relaxed, but you will still be conscious and aware of your surroundings. Some patients also experience some sleepiness or even doze off, but you’ll never drift into a deep sleep as you might with other forms of sedation, which is what makes oral sedation a safe option.