Top 3 Reasons See Your Dentist Regularly

Top 3 Reasons See Your Dentist Regularly

You know it's important to brush your teeth. You probably also know the importance of flossing. But did you know that it is just as important to go to the dentist for routine dental cleanings? Professional dental cleanings and oral exams are crucial to maintaining your oral health. It is recommended that you see your dentist every 6 months or twice a year. 

Do you go to the dentist on a regular schedule? If not, consider the top 3 reasons that you should see your dentist regularly. 

  1. Preventive Dental Care.

    The purpose of routine dental visits is preventive care. Regular professional dental cleanings can prevent the vast majority of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. When combined with good oral hygiene habits at home, you can preserve the health of your natural teeth and keep them in place for your lifetime. 

    Another benefit of regularly scheduled dental appointments is early detection of oral health concerns. A cavity that is discovered early when it is still small, can be more easily treated with a simple filling. When gum disease is detected in the early stages of gingivitis, it is more easily reversed without permanent damage. Oral cancer screenings are a normal part of routine dental visits and may detect abnormalities in the earliest stage for the best possible treatment outcome. 

  2. Save Money.

    Many people think they can’t afford dental care, but going to the dentist twice a year can actually save you money. If you have dental insurance, preventive dental appointments every 6 months are typically covered at 100%. If you don’t have insurance, the out of pocket cost of a dental cleaning is very affordable. 

    Preventive dental care can help you avoid higher cost procedures to repair decay, such as fillings, root canals, and crowns. It can also preserve the health of your natural teeth to prevent the need for costly dental prosthetics to replace teeth that can’t be saved. 

  3. Overall Health and Wellness.
    Oral health is closely tied to overall health and wellness. The mouth can be a predictor of your general well-being. Regular dental care can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Having healthy teeth allows you to eat a balanced diet and get the nutrition you need from a variety of foods. Patients who see their dentist regularly experience better health and a higher quality of life than those who don’t.


Frequently Asked Questions About Preventive Dental Care 

Why do I need to go to the dentist twice a year?

Every 6 months is the ideal schedule for dental cleanings for the average patient. In about 6 months time most patients have developed some plaque on their teeth that may have hardened into calculus and will need to be removed with professional dental tools. The more effectively you brush and floss, the less buildup you will have, but it is still important to have regular professional dental cleanings and exams. 

Does dental insurance cover preventive dental care?

Most dental insurance plans fully cover dental cleanings and oral exams, as long as they are scheduled 6 months apart. Some plans may require a copay. 

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